LL Series

The LL conditioner series or also known as “Long Life” feeder/conditioner system are being offered as standard on all CPM model with 16″ dies and larger. Its heavy duty, anti-corrosive and modular construction gives flexibility to customer to install it according to their needs. Hinged door allows operators to easily access the interior for shaft adjustment on its fully adjustable peaks or for clean up operation. Preset with CPM recommended shaft picks configuration, the LL conditioner ensure that your materials are properly conditioned with the optimum retention time, ready for pelleting

The Feeder comes in 2 sizes ; 9.5″ and 12″ catering to customer’s requirement. The feeder, made of heavy duty shell, also comes with the options to include a magnet (to remove metal objects) and a variable frequency drive to control the speed of the feeder to allow constant flow of mash.

Features :

  Heavy duty, stainless steel construction

  Adjustable picks

  Single or stacked configurations

  V-belt driven (default) or shaft-mounted gear-reducer drive

  80 to 300RPM shaft speeds

  Single or stacked configurations

Benefits :

  Excellent moisture absorption and temperature increase

  Flexibility for plant layout and desired retention time

  Easy access for pick setting

  Maximum conditioning/mixing by incorporating steam water and other liquids