For hygienic production be it for poultry, pig, fish meal or ruminant feed application, you can always count on CPM hygeniser to deliver results. With it, you can be assured of healthy clean feeds and of course, improved feed quality as well. CPM Hygeniser comes in different sizes to cater to different tonnage and application. It can also be installed in existing configuration as an add-on, or a replacement of an existing conditioner.

Features :

  Salmonella control

  First In First Out (FIFO)

  Self cleaning no build-up

  Wide range of diameter and length

  Install in existing locations

Benefits :

  Energy and cost efficient

  Improved pellet quality and throughput

  Clean feed with zero chances of recontamination

  Improved gelatinization with longer retention time (4 minutes)

  Extended life on die and rollers