CPM Crumblers are well known for being high capacity and high efficiency in the market. Its compact installation and high quality construction make these machines one of the best available. Keeping its design simple throughout these years, you can rely on CPM for high efficiency and ease of operation always.

Key Advantages :

  No bearing alignment is required.

  The discharge opening is the same size as the inlet, minimizing the size and height of the discharge hopper.

  There is a more robust bearing support system to handle roll separation forces.

  Full-length front and rear bolt-on maintenance doors provide full access to the rolls for inspection and adjustment.

  A safety grid is built into the inlet over the rolls.

  The inter-roll drive is spring-loaded and easy to adjust.

  With the full feature roll-adjust, infinite adjustment of rolls is possible.

  The lower profile enables compact installation.

  Different sizes are available to match your production capacities.

  More precise roll adjustment means fewer fines.

  The inter-roll drive is belt-driven; the belt tension is spring-loaded and easy to adjust.

  Dividers with bolt-on maintenance doors are standard with double stand crumblers.

  Both sides of the rolls can be adjusted simultaneously.

  The rolls are made from hard, chilled iron for long roll life.

  The main and inter-roll drives can be mounted in left or right-hand position.